These courses are designed for pastry enthusiasts as for professionals willing to respond to a strong demand from their customers and having troubles with profitability and reduction of production costs.


The aim of this “healthy and sugar free pastry” class , is to learn how to create a healthy and reasoned pastry, using less sugar, less fat and more fibre.

The products are designed to answer the consumer’s need of well-being, for example by using natural sugars with a low glycemic index such as coconut sugar, birch sugar... and by replacing white flours with flours rich in fibre, which will, very often, make the products gluten free and suitable to diabetic persons.

During the course, students will use only fresh seasonal fruit, natural food colourings , spices from small producers,etc.

In a few words, during my training courses , I try to pass on my philosophy of a healthier pastry, where sugar should not take precedence over the taste of the products.

This training is intended for professional or amateur pastry chefs. During this class, the students participate in the elaboration of desserts, small cakes , petits fours and confectionery products.

  • All the products made are unsweetened by reducing sugar levels to a minimum ( keeping the taste and texture is essential).
    As a part of remaining sucré, we replace any added sugars for sugars with a low glycemic index. The aim is to use the most natural substitutes and with a nutritional interest.
  • The students will learn how to replace white flours, which is extremely rich in carbohydrates, with natural flours rich in fibre, which helps to regulate blood sugar.

In some cases, the use of these flours will make the product naturally “gluten free”.

  • Butter,essential in pastry making, will be reduced as much as possible and partially replaced in many preparations by fats rich in unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Use of only natural food colourings.
  • Use of different pectins instead of gelatine (allowing to make milk foam, 100% fruit foam...) , bringing incomparable light textures.


Training intended for pastry schools, professional or amateur, during which the students participate in the elaboration of candies and chocolate confectionery, in a sugar free, light and natural spirit, as well as in the creation of a display or piece on a defined theme ( season, festivities...)

Different professional techniques will be studied , such as the framing and moulding of ganache and pralines, chocolate coating, artistic techniques, spraying, original sweets and others.


Creation of an artistic piece based on the idea of “creating with little ” , meaning create with everyday materials that can be easily found, with a theme communicated in advance.
NB: each course is different and the level of each participant must be taken into account . The results obtained at the end of the course may therefore vary, particularly for artistic courses.